Catching up on the small stuff — 13 Comments

  1. Good morning, wishing you good luck with the real estate purchase and sale. And congrats on being 16th in the contest, great photo. Have a happy new week!

  2. Oh my goodness, Mary, that is a sensational photo of Torry! She is looking into summer’s horizon, saying her own farewell. Yes, it was a super summer for us too, and now I’m back teaching and last week was great but very exhausting. This long weekend is a treat, and I’m looking forward to even more days off already!!!!!!

    WISHING YOU a wonderful autumn; I know you’ll show us the best of it! Anita

  3. this photo deserved a place in a best of book…and the first one too :o) …it’s great to ponder about the last one,the saying “welcome to the club…” gets a new meaning that way :o)

  4. Congratulations, Mary! I’m not in the least bit surprised that one of your photos was chose from such a large number of entries – your work is very unique and of outstanding quality. Best of luck with the real estate stuff, that sounds like a great plan you have, and how wonderful to be able to live in the place of your dreams. What an exciting new start awaits you!

  5. Congratulations on being in the top 16%. That’s awesome. Fingers, toes, legs all crossed and wishing for all the stars to align for Real Estate happenings!

  6. Not being summer fans at our house, we are ready for fall. That is great you were a finalist and just getting in the book is wonderful! Congratulations!

  7. Congratulations on being a finalist…I’d say that’s great with the number of photos that were entered. Oh, and I love that photo of Torrey. Sending all of our best hopes your way that the property works out…it definitely sounds perfect!

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