Catching up with Arizona — 12 Comments

  1. One of the things we love about Arizona is its diverse landscape. Great bird photos! I know that spoonbill has been a big hit in the area. What a rare treat to see in this part of the country.

  2. So…. your idea of ‘epic’ photos and mine are very different! I find every photo in this post epic! And, as always, I am in awe of what your eyes see and what you capture on film. Wow.

  3. OH I love the loggerhead, and the two horses, and the yoga squirrel and look how FLUGGY the roadrunner is under those feathers! I have a friend and fellow blogger who is in SE Arizona now, she’s out there for the winter, is a bookstore owner north of Traverse City in Michigan the rest of the year. She’d love your images too. I think she is living very near where you were hiking. I’ll give her your URL. Her blog is called Books in Northport. Her name is Pamela, or sometimes PJ.

  4. Loved these photos and new area you found. We are cold and dry here till this week when the snow and rain come rolling in with the wind. Pretty mild winter so far. Thanks for showing us all those great photos. I thought javalinas were bores that are wild pigs. Saw them with tusks in Ha. and California. They have been known to gore people.

  5. Oh I am always thrilled to see when a Blog post comes up from you. Your photography is always “epic” to me.
    Isn’t Arizona a fabulous place for its many faces?? It’s why I love it so much.

    Seeing your Roadrunner hanging out reminded me of the one that hung out on our wall this week. They never stick around. He was laying low and looked like a Dove at first but his tail gave him away. I took pictures of him. He may end up in my post tomorrow.
    I have not been on IG as much as usual so I have missed several of your posts. I will check them out. Plus IG’s new Algorithm feed drives me nuts! I don’t see anything like I use too!

    And thank goodness for all the rain we are getting! We need it soooooooo bad! And the higher elevations are seeing lots of snow!

    Love seeing your posts… I enjoy your stories along with your pictures.
    Happy week to you!

  6. Hello Mary!WOW. These are amazing shots of the personalities of each creature. The donkeys, OMG the one with the wide-eyed look and of course the comical photos of the horses, you make me want to go right now.

  7. Great photos!! (Naturally). Will you make it to the Chiricahua Mountains area around Portal? Years ago we were able to see an elegant trogon there as well as the entertaining coatis.

  8. You certainly got some great shots! It’s so great that you have that flexibility for moving around, especially in these crazy and unpredictable times.
    The birds fishing are my favorites, what great captures you got!!

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