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  1. Honestly, Mary, it doesn’t sound like I would be very happy with that place either! Between the bugs and the no A/C I would be ready to leave!! Hope things improve SOON!!

  2. You find beauty EVERYWHERE. That heart….old, bent, rusted, clad in spider silk. Yes, you find beauty, anywhere.

  3. Hello, gorgeous sky capture! I love the shot of the heart barbed wire. I do not like bugs either, UGH! Good luck with the art show! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  4. Whew! I bet it is like an oven with no a/c out in the sunshine! We have a Japanese Beetle infestation which is disgusting, not fans of bugs here either! Hope your art show goes well and you can move on to better places.

  5. I’m always surprised what things you can see… I probably wouldn’t notice this heart… but it is there :o) thanks for seeing the special things and for sharing them with me :o)

  6. Intriguing photos of that one-time homestead, and the first sunset photo is absolutely magnificent. I wouldn’t like being surrounded by swarms of bugs…yuck! I never thought about the fact that you wouldn’t have any air conditioning when boondocking, I always thought you had a generator and could park just about anywhere. It’s so interesting to hear about both sides of RV living!

    • We have solar power, and a generator. We tried the generator for a little while, but it got too hot and Al was afraid we would burn the house down.

  7. I can so relate. That’s pretty much how we felt about Idaho. Couldn’t wait to leave that state… so much so, we really changed up our entire schedule including my flight back to Chicago. We’re now in CO and it feels good to be back in a place we love. Hope your art show goes well for you making your stay worthwhile. You did manage to capture some beautiful shots. Soon you’ll be back in your beloved WY :-)

  8. It doesn’t sound like Montana is getting any better for you! I hope the show at least goes well so it’s more worth it. Then I imagine you’ll hightail it out of there and never look back!
    You don’t have a generator for your RV so you can at least have some power? I’m not sure I could rough it quite that much!

    • We have solar power, and a generator. Solar gives us all the power we need, but you can’t install enough solar to run A/C. We have a generator too, and ran it for a little while. But it heated up pretty good, and Al was afraid we would burn the house down.

      • Better to suffer with some heat than lose your whole house! We had storms recently and a lot of people lost power, on a very hot night. My sister told me their generator wouldn’t run their A/C either, even a big whole house one like they have. I’m glad you have some power at least though, that has to make your life easier.

  9. Hoping the art show goes really well for you!! Sorry Montana has been such a “bust” for you guys; but at least you got some great photos out of the trip! And, hey, as my dad would have said “if you don’t try, you’ll never know”. These photos are intriguing, each in their own way. The heart in the barbed wire is so “cool”!! And my mind would have been wandering all over the place at the old homestead. ?

  10. BUGS. I hate bugs. I’m already done with the bugs this season and I bet we still have at least two more months of them. It seems like every night I am killing a bug in my room. Poor Sampson, he hears me exclaim, “Jesus Christ” and he jumps up before the swatting begins.
    Last week I had a grasshopper (A GRASSHOPPER) touch my forehead in passing. It landed on my wall. A grasshopper at 10:30 at night. Only me.

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