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  1. Oh, this was not only sweet but very brilliant and insightful. I think I’ve always known upon observation that dogs have special qualities, but I have to admit that I never gave it a thought to emulate those qualities. I think one of the most endearing, interesting and MYSTERIOUS traits that a pet dog can teach is that UNCONDITIONAL LOVE which is the package that holds all the things you mention here. Most definitely, a dog is to be honored and observed and allowed to teach us more about ourselves and how much better of a human we can be. BRAVA!

  2. Good morning, great post and advice. Dogs are pretty smart and can handle many obstacles. Both of your dogs are adorable, wonderful photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  3. Our Reggie has many trust issues we are still working with him on. Someone either mistreated him or he never had human contact to learn to trust or act around humans. He is more trusting around women and children so I suspect a man could have been the problem. He’s come along way.

  4. Mom has two completely different dogs in us, like Roxy and Torrey. I’m very pack oriented and don’t trust strangers while Taffy loves everyone on sight. Honestly I don’t think mom wants to be like either of us! Love Dolly

  5. I often think the same thing. Dogs give unconditional love and they’re very forgiving when we make mistakes. I also love how uncensored they are. I wish people could be more like that.

  6. Mom and I have a special bond. She knows she can trust me, she can read me pretty well too. The main thing is to try and live in the moment and not let all the stress, hustle, and bustle get in the way of enjoying life. She looks to me at competitions to calm herself down, often it is the other way around for dogs and their parents.

  7. Torrrey and Roxy are very special. It’s wonderful they trust trust you like they do! There are not a LOT of people I would completely trust. Luckily, I’m married to one I can trust. ;))

  8. I definitely need to learn to relax more. When we were on staycation this last week, I did spend some time just sitting on the couch and reading. As soon as I sat down at least one of the dogs joined me!

  9. Learning to just chill out and make the most of the day, no matter where I am or what the day is like would be great!!!! I love this post!

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