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  1. GOod morning Mary!

    I love museums, especially those such as these with artifacts from peoples’ daily living. EVERYTHING WAS SMALLER! Even in my lifetime, I remember the refrigerators were smaller, serving sizes of food, grocery stores (no big warehouse stores) and even shoes. My mom’s shoes were narrow and my grandmother’s shoes were even narrower!

    These artifacts surely tell us so much about life from not that long ago. GORGEOUS things and photos.

    Now I hope you are having a glorious summer! Sure looks like Roxy and Torrey are; I am loving your photos of them on IG! Anita

  2. that’s a great place… I would sit there for hours pondering about things from the past… and I would love to take a photo with this old cam :o)
    easy rider

  3. Wow so amazing traveling back in time. I would urge you to go over to petteneat museum in payson where they are now renivating outside this old 100 year. Plus building witj the same but bigger scale. I was a hottest for six years and gave tours. Hours week days 9am to 4pm. Lots poo f history on the scenic byway and was the school.

  4. How lucky you were around to go inside on one of their rare open days.

    I had a two-drawer thread display case that I used for jewelry. I’m waiting to see what it sold for at auction. And I still miss it.

  5. You know, the corsets of the day definitely squeezed in those women, but I do know for a fact that feet were smaller. My mother herself had very narrow and small feet and I do know that my nutrition was much better than her’s. My grandmother, according to my mom, had a size one shoe and I believe it, seeing her wedding photo. I just think people were smaller back then!

  6. OMD the waist on that dress! There is some nice stuff there it would be fun to look at. There is a town in Iowa that is a museum, it’s where my paternal gr grandparents settled. My cousins and I are always meaning to go but it’s only opened during summer months so its hard for us to get to also.

  7. That waistline is ridiculous! It irks me just as much as Chinese foot binding. Imagine how hot and uncomfortable that would’ve been.
    Charming museum; I love that old thread cabinet. Excellent pics.

  8. What a cool museum! I love the old camera too! Very very cool. It would be fun to try to use one of those!

  9. I could never deal with the corsets they had to wear to make their waists so tiny! If I have anything too tight around my waist, I get stomach pains!

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