It’s cold, snowy and beautiful — 22 Comments

  1. Oh so beautiful!! The snow line has missed us twice already this season. We got a dusting, but areas just ten miles north and west of us got full snow – we felt gypped!! Can’t wait for our first snow of the season. :)

  2. My cousin lives in Jackson Hole and has been taunting me with skiing photos already! If it wasn’t for the lack of a large body of salt water, I’d move. The dogs would love all that snow too (and playing with Torrey in it!)

  3. So glad that you had a safe trip. It is a little nerve wracking when the weather is bad! Enjoy the snow and head for warmer climate! The girls just love traveling as each and every place we stop has NEW smells! Thanks again for the packages…they have all arrived safely and they LOVED them!!

  4. My goodness that is a beautiful shot:). I really how know idea how breathtaking the scenery is there. Kind of reminds me of my beautiful NorthWest:).

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