Colors of the rainbow — 20 Comments

  1. Now there is a VERY interesting prompt – to get down to the detail of seeing if all these colors are in the photo. I like this; I just may do this today, but only with poetry. I will see if I can experiment with a poem that has certain elements/devices in it to see what I come up with! Totally an exercise, but that is where ideas come from!


  2. Beautiful colors and skies. The rainbow is always a colorful treat to the eyes. And the mural is cool. Great series. Have a happy Tuesday!

  3. You’ve certainly made a rainbow connection. You could do themed note cards on them in a group. Very coll Raven pic also. I think people are like rainbows, everyone different and beautiful. Sometimes a double sighting. The rainbow is a circle but you down see the bottom part.

  4. They are all so beautiful! Cool prompt! If I ever get any good at photography again, I’d like to try more of these. :)

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  6. What a lovely set of photographs !
    The first and the last one are breathtaking. You have great talent, Mary. We all know :-)

    Can you tell more about the last pic? Where did you capture that?

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