Comfy and Stylish Travel Clothing from prAna — 9 Comments

  1. Hello, it is a cute outfit. Looks very comfy too. You could be a model, great photos. Happy Mother’s Day, enjoy your day and new week!

  2. The outfit looks very becoming on you! And the pants look at least as comfy as a pair of broken-in jeans. I like the top, too! I’ll have to check them out – nothing says I can only wear them for traveling!

  3. Wow, those look equally comfortable and attractive.

    We commonly see sailors wearing pajamas in the cockpit. In fact, the man who got swept down onto us and tangled his prop in our anchor rode was wearing pajamas. While the comfort appeals to me, I’d feel like I wasn’t ready to work and be attentive if I was wearing pjs. The PrAna looks as comfy as pajamas but with an attitude that says you’re ready to get stuff done.

    Off to check them out in the catalog.

  4. I agree with you that comfortable clothes are important when you travel. I notice that prAna also has clothing for men, so I might have to look them up a little closer. Otherwise I am amazed by the mountain range in the background of your photos.

  5. Wow, you look great! That clothing really seems to cover all the bases! A company’s values are very important to me as well.

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