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  1. Mary, gray skies and ocean are TOUGH to work with; when we went up the 17 mile drive during our stay in Carmel, I was so disappointed that my photos did not come out to show the awesome beauty of that place. We won’t be going back any time too soon as we had hoped, but I sure wanted to photograph that space. But it was much too gray.

    What you did here however, was capture TEXTURES, especially in that foamy water. I guess what I’m learning is to capture moods, and that is what you did here. SUPER GORGEOUS!

  2. Your photos are great Mary! Like Anita mentioned…the texture is amazing! What a beautiful beach you took a walk on! The Redwoods are really stunning. I have never been to that part of California…and hope to get there one day. Safe travels! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!!

  3. Gorgeous views of the ocean and coastline. The Redwoods are beautiful. Wonderful photos. Happy Thursday!

  4. I sometimes think the ocean talks to me, when the wild waves and the wind make their unique noises… even when it sounds crazy :o) My grampy once said those who can see the special things will hear it too… maybe you are the one? You can see the things we mostly not notice and you are the one who gives them the attention they deserved :o)

    • Oh yes!! I love the sound of the ocean, and the way it speaks to me. These days on the coast the storms really had it churning, and it was wonderful.

  5. The Avenue of the Giants is such a fantastic road. Our first trip on this road was on a motorcycle trip which really is the only way to see all its beauty. Glad you took the trip down:)

  6. You captured the power of ocean waves, amazing images! Love the tree image of the Redwoods. :)
    Thank you for taking us along, Mary.

  7. Unfortunately poor timing on your part to drive along the coast during an El Nino winter! I remember seeing the weather report about all the rain out west even, but hopefully it will help the drought some. At least you got some gorgeous photos and I hope you didn’t get too close, we even get people washed overboard here at the lake when the waves hare high.

  8. Too bad about hitting more rain, but those spots are so gorgeous, no matter the weather! Love the redwoods, and the coast of OR is just gorgeous. But, yeah… the 101 is sloooow going. Looking forward to your pics of Death Valley. Have skirted past it but never really been there.

  9. There are spots along the coast where the trees that have found there way to the ocean wash up on the shore…During the storms the waves will move these 2 to 4 foot in diameter trees as if they were tinker toys, it is the most amazing thing to watch.

  10. Rain or not, I’m so jealous of you right now! :) I’m with Emma, you make me want to hit the road with my camera. I hope you’ve made it out of the rain by now.

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