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More cool places in South Dakota — 19 Comments

  1. We wanted to go to Mt. Rushmore a few years ago but did not go because that area did not seem dog friendly. Such a shame.

  2. Tell your Mom those are breath taking snap shots! Poor Torry was to big for a back pack. Maybe your next stop will be more dog friendly,

  3. South Dakota was one of my favorite places when we visited. OK so we may have gotten stuck in a blizzard for a few days, but other than that it was great! Love your pictures!

  4. What a beautiful place….especially that blue sky! I love what your Mom did with that last photo….very cool.
    Glad you (& Torrey) got to at least go in some of the places….but being a little dog has its advantages sometimes, doesn’t it?

  5. South Dakota is a place my Mommy really, really, really would like to see.
    Now she wants to goes even more!

  6. At least they both got to be on the grounds in this park. I’m sure if Torey knew you’d have to carry her, she would’ve rather stayed in the truck anyway. :) BTW, I like the touch-up on that photo in snapseed. It’s interesting how playing with the color balance on a photo can change the mood.

  7. My mom and dad are both from South Dakota, so I have lots of relatives back there. I haven’t been since i was a kid though. We saw Crazy Horse a loooong time ago, when it was just basically the straight line of his arm. It’s going to be really cool when they finish it. (Will that be in our lifetimes??) Bummer that Torrey didn’t get to go along!

  8. See!! There are SO many cool places to go out there! We were there over two weeks and it still wasn’t long enough! I would love to go and stay for a month! Such beautiful Country! Have you been to Wahl Drug (smile!!).

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