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  1. Hello, so glad the pups had a good checkup! Love the cute robin. The monument plant is gorgeous, it is nice to know it’s name and more about it. It is beautiful! Happy Monday!

  2. MARY HONE…….I swear, you got my DREAM SHOT….I am still on vacation here in gorgeous Carmel, and I think I’ve been able to take shots of everything I’ve wanted to: the turquoise beaches, the fairytale cottages, some wildlife…HOWEVER, I have not yet been close enough to any horses and that is my DREAM SHOT. YOU did it! What a pretty baby, that little colt, and I believe he was full of it! The boys usually are! And mum strides along, always! Then the second shot with the what, palaminos? GORG!

    Oh that young robin, what a lucky duck! teeeheeh…mummy still feeding him. LOVE IT.

    And that mystery plant. Good glory, nature never, ever bores me. There are so many mysteries to discover that it would take a life time to learn half of them. Awesome photography sweet Mary! And I have learned so much about art and photography here from the gallery owners to whom we speak daily. I learned about photography and that it is the capturing of light and shadow, and you have done that HERE. Especially with the horses.

    OK, carry on! Anita

  3. i miss seeing baby robins as they only pass thru here on migration so never raise young here. used to see them all the time in wisconsin. the colt is beautiful – as is the mare!

  4. The horses are absolutley adorable. I’ve enjoyed seeing the babies. Great shots!

    The Monument plant is very interesting! That was interesting article that someone sent to you. I love that photo in the article of that huge plant. Reminds me of the Century or Hundred Year Plant that only blooms once and has young around it.

  5. You could just get a mini-horse ;-) Some of those are incredibly small! My sister has a mini-stud (they are much calmer/well-mannered than their full size bretheran) who is so small, he can stand between my legs. You can often find them in rescue.

  6. You took some amazing photos of the horses. I adore that first one, backlit and glorious!!!!!

    I agree- Monument plants are a miracle!!!!

  7. All you’d have to do is attach a horse trailer to your home trailer, right? :)
    Wonderful photos, and the story about that flower is so cool!

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