Cute Little Hummingbirds — 14 Comments

  1. Wow, fantastic pics. (As always!) The colors! Love the purple. We have some hummers that frequent our backyard and I love to watch them. I’ve never tried to get pics of them before – i’m sure they’d be just a blur if I tried!

  2. You have the perfect situation Mary, to capture these adorable little angels!!!!!!!!! A tripod and slow shutter speed? What were your settings?

  3. I love hummingbirds! We put up a similar feeder to yours and I just love seeing them flit around. Most of ours have a beautiful metallic green coloring, so I really appreciated seeing the beautiful colors of the desert hummers. And that last picture is so funny – I’ve never seen that caught on film before! :D

  4. They are such amazing little birds! We only have the ruby-throated here. I just love watching them, and following them to see them land in trees. There’s a little nest sitting in our yard today, it must have fallen out of a tree. It’s so small I know it had to be one of theirs!

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