Cuteness on a Friday — 18 Comments

  1. With the cold and leaves all on the ground here, a rose looks so funny, but very pretty! It kind of warms us up.

  2. I would rather look at Roxy than any rose. She is the best! A day without her would be unamaginable I would think if I had a sweet doggie like her. I saw a tea towel a friend had made from cotton cloth which had a silloutette of a dog that looked just like Roxy.

  3. Roxy does look pensive. You have to wonder what she is thinking….or if we just read things into dogs’ expressions that aren’t really there!

  4. I absolutely love the one of the two dogs! Roxy really does have a very pensive look on her face!

    The rose is just gorgeous! It does seem kind of funny to see one at this time of year. Already everything is very grey here…

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Love the picture of the dogs! And such a pretty rose this late in the year. We don’t think we are going to make the DADO blog hop mom is still trying to catch up. Love Dolly

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