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Cutest puppy video ever — 21 Comments

  1. That’s great how nicely Torrey played with the tiny pup. Wilson would have just left, and Jimmy would have eaten the pup for lunch!

  2. That’s is a pretty good puppy video – only complimented by the puppy sounds. Yes, I think Torrey needs her own puppy.

  3. Puppies playing with big dogs is always so much fun to watch. The puppies are so fearless and the big dogs relive their puppyhood.

  4. Oh my dog! That is the cutest wee pup EVER! *sigh* There’s not much more adorable than watching puppies play.

  5. The two of them are adorable together! In my experience, sometimes larger dogs can be intimidated by small ones, especially puppies, but Torrey doesn’t act that way at all!

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