Dear Summer, I Love You — 25 Comments

  1. Sister summer, brother fall,
    father winter, mother
    spring will call

    What a lovely video and the music is PERFECT, MARY!

  2. that was a wonderful tribute to summer… and I bet the next one will surprise you with a lot of sunny moments and fabulous adventures :o)

  3. It is sad to say goodbye to summer! Wonderful photos and video. I hope you enjoy the north! Have a happy new week ahead!

  4. BEAUTIFUL! I especially love the beaver…I so want to see a beaver in the wild (not just a distant view that is “probably” a beaver)!

    I feel for you and your upcoming winter…surely there will be some special photography moments in this different environment!

    • I’m hopeful for some fun photo ops here. Yesterday we saw orca’s, so that’s different. That little beaver was in the river behind our RV. I only saw him once though.

  5. That was a lovely post, and I certainly understand how you feel about the passing of a favorite season. I feel the same way…only for the opposite seasons! I long for fall and love winter snows – you’ll find me outside trudging through deep snow photographing snow scenes but inside hiding from the summer heat! But the sentiment is the same. ;)

  6. What a grant tour, Mary! Thank you so much for your effort and time. I so enjoy it. So, you are going to north for the beautiful snow. We used to live in Boulder, and loved it. :)

  7. This is a photographic challenge for you; just think of all the unique opportunities that spending time with winter will give you!
    Cool photos can come out of winter.
    (Can you tell we’re also trying to psyche ourselves up for the oncoming season?)

  8. Came out to Tetons for the first time this past summer, and it’s beauty was beyond words. Follow your site and so enjoy the beauty of that place that you share. Thank you so much!! It blesses more than you may realize!!?

  9. Wow, that slide show is fabulous!

    But our letter to Summer would be something like this… “Dear Summer, you have overstayed your welcome. Your sister, Autumn, hasn’t even stopped by yet because you are hog-dogging everything. It’s time to move on, Summer. Please pack your things and go. Actually, just go. We’ll send you your stuff.” ((t was 82 here today! Couldn’t run errands anyplace that wasn’t dog-friendly today cuz it was too hot to leave Rita in the car!)

  10. We’ve pretty much concluded that there are summer folks and winter folks. It’s great that you love summer, there’s a lot to enjoy then, but here it’s humid and miserable for us dogs. We prefer the winter believe it our not, love the snow and cold. Oh well. Love Dolly

  11. The video shows us why you’ll miss summer so much. I could have written the same thing today. I miss summer. Your photos have convinced me that we need to spend some time in the Tetons, in our next phase of life.

    I hope that Old Man Winter is nice to you this winter.

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