Desert Bighorn Sheep Rams — 9 Comments

  1. Oh my, oh my. That image with the 4 sheep heads all in a row, with the curving horns. Oh wow. I’m guessing you were not as close as it appears. What a lovely part of the world, I’d stay a little longer too. In February we were at the Valley of the Gods, and I thought what a wonderful place to camp and watch the night sky. I’m still dreaming of doing that someday. It’s such a different world out there compared to here in Michigan. Not to say Michigan isn’t just as beautiful in a different way. But man. By the way, that first image after the sheep, with the moon and the rocky side of a mountain…looks like the profile of a face, perhaps an Indian face, resting in the light. At least it looks like that to me! :)

  2. Whoa! That capture with the Bighorns all in a row… exceptional!
    Great shots of an animal I still have. It seen yet… ever!!
    Happy Sunday my friend.

  3. You captured some beautiful photos. I love when the rams are in a group. We have sheep in our town in one of our parks. It’s called their “vacation spot” because they love being near the lake, mountians, and fresh green grass. We can see them almost all year except when the lambs are born. Watching all their antics is such fun. It’s easy to see the higher archy in the rams. V of F is one of my favorite spots. We are so luck to only be 45 mins away.

  4. I am just speechless.. these are such amazing shots of these fabulous guys.. LUCKY YOU!!.. Thanks for sharing this great blog.. you made my day..

  5. Ram Line up is fantastic. Who would want to leave that magical place. Somewhere in time with all those earhty colors and textures. It’s mind blowing. So glad Al will capture in his painting by eye balling the scenery in front of him. Paul McCartney my favorite beatle had an album called Ram on. That stuck in my head when I read your blog. Its a welcome break taking in all those photos you left for us to see. thanks for the visual feast. YOur truely living in a beautfiul moment and taking it to the next level for us to see.

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