Desert Bighorn Sheep — 13 Comments

  1. To watch nature as such is a joy, a real joy. I laugh at them, I gaze and am amazed at them, they give a sense of peace. Mary, you have the best photography “studio” ever.

  2. Cool sighting of the Bighorn sheep! Awesome series of photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  3. Fantastic collection of these majestic guys. I always feel privileged getting close to wildlife and being allowed to observe their rituals.

  4. Beautiful, majestic,… awesome photo captures! Love every single one of them. Thank you so much for the post, Mary!

  5. What a wonderful time with the Bighorn! We’ve found them rather tame when trying to get photos. They do look at you in a way that you can almost understand what they are thinking:) Seeing a large group is the best. We had a herd of about 30 come down off a mountain into the wash we we were driving through. What an amazing site! Another day (we were in Boulder City, NV) we were hiking in a near by canyon and a group of about 10 followed us down to the river. It was so cute because they kept looking over the side at us.

    Your photos really captured their beauty. I love the closeup details in your photos of their horns…gorgeous! Lucky, lucky you:)

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