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  1. LOVE these…all of them, but especially liked the burro faces lined up in the first image…and the two sheep with heads turned. Your dog lives a wonderful life, as do you. Good luck with the tooth and the art show. Your work is wonderful. (PS: Glad to see you too can miss the focus, I swear that’s the biggest issue I struggle with! Especially with birds.)

  2. Mom doesn’t mind the desert, and says it has a lot of interesting things. While she wouldn’t want to live in it, tried for a year in Tucson, she does enjoy visiting it. What she really has no use for is the rock in Utah. That is just not something that is interesting. She says you see it once and that is enough, but many love that too. We’ll stay in MN with our four seasons and visit other places sometimes. Great photos once again. We want our own burro.

  3. But all is right in your little world, and sometimes that’s what we need to focus on when we can (says the optimistic side of me!). And isn’t your world so awesome – you sold me on the desert with the roadrunners, the rest is a bonus. :)

  4. I used to live in southern NM so really appreciate your desert photos (it is anything but dull as you certainly point out). The triple burro photo is priceless. In your spare time ( ;) ) you might want to check out Eating Stone by Ellen Meloy. Everything you might ever want to know about bighorn sheep. Keep up the beautiful work. Do you ever have showings on the front range of Colorado?

  5. Our incredible desert is anything but dull. There’s something to see around every corner and something to do as well! And you are one of the most talented photographers that share the beauty and fun of the desert! Thank you for that.

    Your roadrunner captures were phenomenal.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Like Jan K said, we need to focus on our own little part of the world (to keep ourselves from getting depressed at times like these). I love ALL your photos; but having grown up watching the Road Runner vs Wile E. Coyote cartoons, these are my favorites. They’re great shots considering how fast those guys run!

  7. Jack Pot of wonderful photos is putting it mildley,They are superb and very creative. You diffently have the eye. Is Al’s crown appointment at tooth hurtie? 2:30? A little dental humor. I would rather have a baby then go to the dentist. Good luck at the art shows. You will dazzle them. Happy sunshine days and beautiful sunsets are in youe future for sure.

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