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Desert sunrise, and flowers — 27 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for the ways you are always sharing and seeing beautiful! We find so much beauty in the photos and experiences you share. Thank you and happy seeing beautiful!!

  2. Your sunrise photos are amazing. I rarely catch a sunrise here, but I’ve been noticing the sunsets, which pale in comparison to the ones you get. :-)

    The flowers look like black-eyed Susan’s to me, but I’m no flower expert. Still beautiful though.

  3. You see the MOST BEAUTIFUL sunrises and sunsets, Roxy! Thank you for sharing them with us…it makes us feel like we are there, experiencing Beautiful with you.
    *Cairn cuddles*

  4. Wow, all those pics are fantastic! We’ve had some beautiful sunsets here lately. I wouldn’t know about the sunrises… :)

    Thanks for letting me know your friend enjoyed the book! :)

  5. Love the flowers. I recently moved to southern California and I hope to plan a camping trip sometime this winter to one of the nearby deserts. Quite the change from winter camping in the Midwest where I’m from.

  6. Cloud formation always intrigues us. We LOVE LOVE LOVE sunset/ sunrise photos. Awesome capture (is it from your phone or regular camera?). Happy Seeing Beauty. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  7. That sunrise was beyond spectacular! You really are camped in a perfect place to sit outside with a cup of tea and enjoy the morning show! Around here, it’s almost never cloudy at sunrise at this time of year – so we don’t get anything like the shows that you are seeing! thanks for sharing!

  8. Absolutely beautiful! I love the first one especially, where the mountains are silhouetted against those gorgeous colors.

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