Desert Textures — 9 Comments

  1. Hello, wonderful series on Textures. I love the colors, the gnarly tree and the cactus. The rainbow is beautiful. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  2. Those are some interesting photos. I bet you can do a lot with them using your creativity! It goes to show you how beautiful simple things can be to photograph!

  3. that does sounds like a nice wander. makes me dream of the desert and it’s treasures.
    loved seeing the colorful rocks and your other textured finds.

  4. Wow these are such incredibly interesting discoveries! To find actual turquoise “in the wild” is a dream. The closeup of the yellow rock with splits struck me as being similar to an impressionist painting of a fall tree with yellow leaves and dark branches. And the cactus’s “wound” looks like a smile! :D

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