Does this dually make my ass look big? — 23 Comments

  1. The dilemma Jason and I always have with how big of a trailer we will live in someday is no wanting too giant of a truck to have to tow it with… but if Sam Elliot was the voice control… Yes, please!!! :)

  2. Congrats on your new truck! That’s one seriously good looking truck….and it definitely needs Sam’s voice in the voice command. The pups look like they love the extra space too – I can’t get over how Roxy blends with that blanket! LOL!! Best of luck with it and have fun driving! :D

  3. You blew that one…those secret hidden compartments for your valuables…yep, no longer secret I guess ;) Congrats on the new wheels.

  4. Wow, a Dually!!!! It kind of made me laugh. We have a bad poacher around here, and he drives a dually. So, the officers and us call him “Mr. Dually”.

    Hehe. A great truck. It looks super comfy for all of you and plenty powerful! Congrats on the new ride!

  5. Nice truck!! It’s always fun to get a new vehicle, but I bet it’s especially so when you spend so much time traveling like you do. Now you’ll be even more anxious to hit the road again!

  6. I had to lol at your title! I think the truck looks great! But Torrey, you can’t look out the window down there, although it does look nice and roomy for you.

  7. LOVE the new ride Mary!! It is awesome! Comfy rides are really important when you are going long distance. Hope you have many more wonderful trips in Silver!!

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