Dogs dashing through the snow — 17 Comments

  1. JOY!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh Mary, the turns they both make! And Roxy is a speed bullet and a PISTOL! Wow, can she assert herself! And Torrey, what a bundle of cuteness. That was a special video on this 23rd day of December, as we prepare for the festivities. Happy Birthday, Roxy girl!

  2. Hello, Roxy is adorable. Loved the stories. The video and Torrey the pup with Roxy is adorable. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!

  3. Beaumont was sleeping in the next room when I started to play the video of Torrey and Roxy. He heard Torrey’s little barks, jumped up and came running into the office, barking! :) I think he wanted to play with them!

    such a sweet video. Happy Birthday Roxy!

  4. Roxy looks so sweet in the jacket. For sure cold is less fun as we get older…but I still like it. Funny to think of Roxy chasing after a deer OR a turkey.

  5. So much fun! We’re still waiting for our first snow this year, to see if our 11 year old beagle will be as excited as she usually is, and run around like crazy in it. She’ll probably feel it if she does…she has arthritis now so she’s bound to slow down!
    We hope you are having a wonderful Christmas!

  6. What a great video! Love seeing the two of them running and playing! I think I read somewhere that you had a post get deleted or something…and I think you were headed out of Washington? Safe travels and Happy New Year!

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