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I don’t always sit like a human — 27 Comments

  1. Mary I love the new pic of you and your doggie kids. I’m back on line since the wind storm blew us off the roof; I mean the satilite off the roof.

  2. Caren said what I thought! Let’s see…what else….

    I don’t always sit like a human…but when I do, I’m the most interesting dog in the world!

  3. Well, you kind of look like you’re going to lick yourself so… “it’s so I can lick myself properly!” Lol, I’m no good at these!

  4. Emily beat me to the one I was thinking of! Ann’s is pretty funny too!

    How about:
    “… but when I do, for some reason it makes the silly humans smile.” (Boring, I know… but true, right??)

  5. I’m still in a brain haze so I can’t finish the sentence (I can’t even finish my own sentences!)… but I love the photo!

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