Draft Horse Competition — 14 Comments

  1. what a wonderful event!!! my grampy once entered a draft horse show with his belgian horse max… it was so great to watch all the horses that we missed our outing :o)

  2. We are not big horse fans, but if we had to choose a horse we liked, these would be it! Mom often tells us our legs look like theirs when we need to get the furs stripped a bit! Great shot of that Hunter’s Moon.

  3. It’s so cool you that you discovered a new event; I love finding special events that are regional or local in nature, they really take me to the heart of the culture. These horses are magnificent. But your hunter’s moon photo has me awestruck – what a capture!

  4. I too love the draft horses — they are so powerful and beautiful.

    and that hunter’s moon photo is stunning! Thank you for sharing it. I couldn’t see it here because of the clouds — so it’s a lovely gift to see it this morning.

  5. That looks like a fun event. We used to see draft horses pulling logs out of the forest in eastern Oregon. Great pics.

  6. Great images Mary! Maybe you could sell them to the owners??? :) We stopped in at Young Living this last spring and I bought some of their products, they have the best essential oils!!!

  7. The horses are absolutely gorgeous and that moon is too! Great shots. They sometimes have draft horse competitions at fairs around here but I haven’t been to one in a long time. I think I’m missing out!

  8. MARY! I was in such a rush this morning to get to work, that I missed your post! I caught you on Instagram, but what an array of LOVE you have going here, with my favorite creature in the wide world. Amazing shots, and you captured their power and gentleness all in one. LOVE!

  9. Wow, those are great shots and I love how you manipulated some of them. Really really amazing! My mom was always a HUGE fan of the Clydesdales. Always think of her when I see them!

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