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Dress up for dogs — 24 Comments

  1. Maybe it’s just me, but I have a hard time imagining you in a frilly dress, Roxy. However, I think you’d rock that little orange number! :-)

  2. I love the buckskin dress and red sweater. The green or plaid jackets might be cute on you, but I’m not sure about the pink frilly thing. It just doesn’t seem you.

  3. I love that first one the most, and they’re all cute! But I also don’t quite see you in the frilly dress, Roxy. You seem like more of a tomboy with all your hiking and outdoor activities! But if you like it, maybe we just haven’t seen that side of you yet! :)

  4. It’s getting to the season, here, where our dogs sometimes need to dress up to stay warm! I love Roxy’s first photo!

  5. We didn’t know that they had Halloween Costumes! Will have to head on over there and check them out!! Roxy…you look SO adorable in anything, but that suit your mom made you is just perfect on you! xo Chloe and LadyBug

  6. I think you would look adorable in anything Roxy!

    I’ve decided to give Leroy a break this Halloween. He’s always been such a great sport with being dressed, but this year I’ll let him relax.

  7. Love the first one – super cute.
    I can usually get Soda into a costume for about 5 minutes before she tries to take it off! :)

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