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  1. Now that was a DADO the dude on the bike and serves him right. Mostly we are OK on our park but it is the stupid yummy mummies gossiping on their mobile phones that get me as they are forever loosing their dogs. Rightly said the problem is the roads and the ……… cyclists that race through our parks. Grrrrr. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. It’s the worst if loose dogs follow you, while the owner has a cat chat with another DADO, we always walk back to avoid that this pup runs on the street or gets lost :o(

  3. Well last year while driving south on I-15 we saw a DADO driving his flat bed truck over the speed limit with a poor scared canine trying to hang on for dear life! I said to my hubby and granddaughter, “Where’s a policeman when you need one?” Well in two seconds a motorcycle policeman came up signaling to the DADO to pull over. SWEET>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>! When we lived in Orem in an apartment many years ago. We installed a screen door so we could have a cool breeze. One day a little poodle mix dog came to the screen and popped his head and next his body through it and came right in making himself at home.@#$%^&* Well this kept happening and I could not find the DADO. Well after repairing our screen many times,,,,,,,,, I wrapped masking tape around the waist of the dog and wrote PLEASE KEEP YOUR DOG HOME!!!!!!!!!! It worked and we never saw this dog again. Now if you thought these DADO stories were good you should hear the ones I will share next time about my husband the letter carrier’s incounters with DADO.

  4. Oh Mary, the bicycle story is priceless and the owner was so deserving of that. :-)

    I have tried to talk to them. Mostly they look at you with a blank stare OR they argue with you.

    One woman with three small dogs that she lets off-leash in our woods. She puts her head phones on and walks, expecting her dogs to follow her, which they pretty much do. Since my dogs are quite large I usually watch their interactions with smaller dogs. I see the woman coming and gather my dogs close on the trail, waiting while gets past us. She yells at me that it’s okay, her dogs are friendly. I say, well mine aren’t always, I’m afraid they will hurt your little dogs. Oh my dogs are around big dogs all the time, it’s really okay.

    I wanted to say, stop wasting my time arguing with me, just go. I’m not letting my dogs interact with yours.

  5. the flatbed truck thing is big, here. sadly. i used to commute into dallas on a busy highway. one guy always had a HUGE rottweiler in his pickup truck bed. i mean HUGE. one morning, i saw it squashed between the lanes of the freeway and i was furious at that ‘owner’.

  6. The illegally loose dogs who get injured or killed ties my stomach in knots. No animal should have it’s safety at risk especially by someone the animal trusts. But the whole being determined to find out who hit them thing turns you from a DADO to just a DA. You broke the law, not the person who hit your loose dog! The person who hit your dog is likely distraught and traumatized because YOU are a selfish, unreasonable, awful human being! Phew. Thanks for letting me get that out.

  7. Funny – but sad – story about the bicycle rider. I admit I laughed. Here in my village dogs are required to be leashed or confined by a fence. My town has an animal control officer who picks up dogs not on their owner’s property.

  8. Luckily we don’t have to contend with too much DADO around here, just occasionally and the few folks with the bad dogs, well, we know where they live and how to avoid them. Too funny that guy fell off his bike! Serves him right!

  9. Lots of DADOs in our ‘hood, mostly the type who think the leash laws don’t apply to them! Have never tried to reason with one… Since they seem so clueless and self-important, I can’t really imagine reason would help. Think they just have to come around slowly on their own, or learn by negative experiences.

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  11. I cannot stand off leash dogs in a leashed area (or even at the local off leash beach, where it’s courtesy to leash your dog when you pass someone you don’t know). It’s so dangerous, both to the loose dog and the leashed dogs. It scares me since my two are so small.

  12. I sooo wanted to participate but came home with an awful cold from Barkworld and could NOT get my act together! Poor Cody has no post today and none (probably), for tomorrow evening. Trying to shake this because I have to leave this Thurs for a Pet Expo in Ft.Lauderdale………hoping the hop continues because I really want to participate when I get back. I am just too out of it right now to get it together!

  13. Sadly I no longer have a pup as mine went to doggie heaven at age 14 and now my husband and I travel alot so it wouldn’t be fair to the dog. But I now live in SC and I think it is one of the DADO capitals of the world. The ones I despise the most are those who train their dogs for dog fighting. It’s a pretty big deal down here unfortunately. Anyway, enjoyed your story,esp the DADO on the bike–priceless!! And loved your dog photo, just beautiful.

  14. It sure does sound like you are living in the land of the DADOs. I hope you can move on soon.

    I tried to talk to a bad owner recently. But, he’d just broken a zillion rules and I ended up losing my temper. First he trespassed across my land, then he let his dog growl at and threaten Shyla. He had the nerve to say to me “Relax, my dog is *usually* okay with dogs”. My reply? “Usually” is not good enough for me – I’ve spent 2 yrs helping my dog learn some confidence. Then, when he still didn’t move to control his dog who was continuing to try to get around me to get to Shyla, I lost my temper in a huge way. I ordered the guy to leash his dog and get off my land – NOW.

    The problem is that I might see this guy again (he just moved in nearby). I’m not sure that I’ve *ever* in my life lost my temper so totally with a stranger. I almost feel bad about it. But Shyla is not the kind of dog who will easily bounce back after being attacked. My first priority must be to protect her.

  15. I never understood that as a volunteer at Best Friends, how the town of Kanab generally let their dogs loose around the down. I understood that it’s very rural and that is standard, but boy did it make it tough to walk the reactive shelter dogs (which was most of them!) Very educational as far as I was concerned – I really learnt how to watch, adjust, distract like a pro – but it certainly was not too enjoyable and I needed a drink once the walk was over :)

    Most of the time I go to off-leash rec areas (large ones, not dog parks). I do occassional “spur of the moment” off leash but very responsibly – when the park is empty and other people aren’t around. If someone comes by, recall both and have them lay down until the person passes. This is kind of the thing of living without a yard, in an urban area that doesn’t have any off leash areas. But being responsible is the key, especially if you want others to remain somewhat ok with it (because I know some people will say it isn’t, and I would have felt that way until I didn’t have anywhere to take my dog to live a life that wasn’t really crappy in our lame neighborhood).

  16. Riding a bike with your dog on a flexi leash? Now that’s a DADO! We find that its best to keep our mouths shut when we see a DADO it just keeps things easier. Love Dolly

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