Dumb Ass Dog Owners Blog hop — 24 Comments

  1. Great idea for a blog hop! DADOs drive me crazy. Not only do we encounter them from time to time, but there are tons of them in court actually defending their stupid actions! “But he’s never done that before” is one of my favorite DADO defense lines – apparently they think that since this is SUPPOSEDLY the first time the dog bit someone or somedog, they’re not responsible for letting the dog run free and unsupervised. AGH!!

  2. I would like to be positive about this subject but…….. WE have had many things negative happen because pet owners do not think their fido will harm sheep, other critters or they will protect their property from raccoon killing chickens or ward off thieves. Many dogs in the country are dumped off and form packs. Responsible people make a bad choice to let their dogs run free in the country or town and are hit by cars and killed or badly injured or can cause a car to have injury’s and the people in them can be hurt. We hit a cow because the fences were not kept in good shape. Our car was almost totaled and luckily we had minor injuries. The cow wasn’t so lucky. The owners insurance paid for repairs on our car plus medical. The owners of the cow got a ticket. It was so dark out here and we were doing under the speed limit but…….it was an accident that could have been avoided if owners were responsible. As a wife of a retired mail carrier I can tell you he has been bitten by dogs the owners said wouldn’t. Maybe you could throw a rock with a note through their window? No you can’t do this; its against the law. You will just have to stand your ground or call someone on your cell phone to come get you. AS for me I carry a big stick, and mace.

  3. Mom’s thinking about nominating her sister because she must think there’s a dog shortage since she continues to breed her dogs and sell puppies. Love Dolly

  4. Oh Mary, those pictures and captions are priceless. LOL I love them, this is going to be FUN! Um…like Talent Hounds said, “Epic.”

  5. Sounds like an interesting blog hop.. I would just like to see all the doggies.. Have a happy week!

  6. DEAR MARY! What a great subject of discussion, for SURE! There will be many ideas and things to learn. I don’t have dogs but I can see that this topic could really offer a lot to learn. OH thank you so much for coming to visit me. I agree with you; kids today, even at the elementary level (I teach high school) don’t seem to be able to imagine in order to write. I think they are too glued to their devices! YES!

    You are lucky to be out in the open land. I think kids out where you are have more opportunity to be outside and be together with family, as in the city, I don’t see kids outside anymore. They are all inside on a device!

    ENJOY, IMAGINE, and create! Anita

  7. A fun idea! I think that DADOs just don’t care. Our reactions to them should show that their behavior is BAD… yet I see the same people do the same DA things with their dogs over and over and over again.

  8. Not that long ago my son was knocked off his bike (on a bike path) by a dog on one of those long retractable leads. Its owner was on one side of the path – the dog on the other – with a length of cord between them! H got wiped out – dog owner and dog just carried on without stopping! I was not happy!

    Not a real blog post – but I feel better now!

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne

    • That must have been infuriating! What a jerk, and especially for not stopping. Some states here have a ban on the retractable leashes.

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