Early morning, and finding the Elk — 8 Comments

  1. The time of day may have made for difficult photography conditions, but it made for awesome photos. That early morning mood, those backgrounds – especially on the 3rd and last photos – are magnificent. That is one HUGE harem that one boy has – his papa would be proud LOL! Really breathtaking photos, Mary.

  2. Oh my. these are all stunning Mary — and that last one! WOW!

    Interesting how nature has a natural order of things — how ‘taking care’ of his harem is part of his nature.

    Very cool. thanks for the early morning visual delight!

    • Wow – especially that last photo! You always get such amazing shots!

      (If you see me unsubscribe from the emails for your blog, it’s just because I’m also getting the posts via BlogLovin’ – and I’m trying to cut down on the # of emails I get each day! )

  3. Beautiful pics, Mary. We saw a big bull near the reservoir the other evening but it was too dark to get a good photo. Still, it’s a thrill to see ’em.

  4. The photos are so wonderful but to actually be there experiencing these beautiful creatures must be out of this world.

  5. They are so majestic! Hearing them bugling must be such a special experience. I don’t think the time of day hurt your photos at all!

  6. WOW! Such great photos! As someone else said, the photography conditions may have been difficult, but you mastered them! It must be so awesome to be able to see and hear these majestic animals! I love all the photos, but that last one especially sends chills up and down my spine!

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