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  1. GOod morning Mary! The table looks AMAZING! And what an interesting design, and if the clients are happy, BRAVO! I hope that you will have great success with the changes for your site. All this tech stuff can be so intimidating and very frustrating! Thank you for the yellow flowers today; it’s my birthday and I’m gathering all the beauty for myself today! HAHAHAHHHA

    Much love, Anita

  2. The elephant legs are interesting for a table.. I think it is cool. Love the flowers, enjoy your day!

  3. I love things (and decor) that is unique and eclectic….they obviously had a reason that they wanted “elephant legs”….one glaring reason is the table top appears to be heavy? Maybe elephants are dear to their heart? I just love things that aren’t “cookie-cutter” or expected and this is just so unique and fabulous. Not to mention, when something is handmade it is that much better! I love it!

  4. Great job on the table legs. I hope Al dropped some hints that the table needs some special hand carved chairs to go with it. Maybe some carved foe tusk chairs would finish the table off proper.

  5. Mary, they’re STUNNING!! I’ve said it before but I can’t help repeating – Al is extraordinarily talented. That’s a magnificent table, I can see why the owners are thrilled. Thanks for sharing the photos!

  6. Mary, that table is fantastic!! I could absolutely see having that in the living room of a home, I imagine the client is beyond thrilled.

    Sorry to hear you are feeling blah and hope you can overcome it soon.

  7. The table is just gorgeous, those legs look great I can see why the client is so pleased! Sorry to hear that you lost some posts, does that mean from your end too, just gone? Oh dear. Love Dolly

  8. Those legs are amazing! I’m glad you shared them for all of us to see. It’s very different, which I think is good for a home decor.


  9. That table is so cool! I’m glad you got through your site migration without too many issues, other than posts going Poof! I would never take something like that on by myself either…way more things might go poof than a couple of posts…LOL.
    Thanks for the yellow flowers, spring seems to have gone MIA around here again, so I needed some cheering up.

  10. Great job on those legs! He’s an amazing artist! Bummer on the posts that went poof! But it’s good that you’re all migrated over now. I’m sure that’s a relief!

  11. Very cool elephant legs!!!! Al did a tremendous job! (and it must have been a tough job).

    I keep thinking about migrating my site, and then I get intimidated. Maybe someday…

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