An evening in Saguaro National park — 20 Comments

  1. oh Mary, I have to agree that these too are my favorites….from childhood cartoons to my father’s rock garden that he decorated with cacti and waterfalls, these shapely shadows have always intrigued me. How I love to come and get lost in the silence of your photos!!!!

  2. Those cacti are human like. I would have to put a scarf and hat on one and have one take my picture. I have that kind of humor I guess. Seriuosly I am excited to see the museum pics. How our the sunrises? I like to call them somesurprise to what kind of day it will be. This morning is one of them. In the 40ties and raining. At xmas I surprized Mike with an outstanding telescope. Now he can star gaze.

  3. Lovely images from the Saguaro Nat’l Park. I love the sun shot and the pretty blossoms.. Have a happy day!

  4. Wow! The light on those flowers is stunning! And yes, I would have had to stop — challenge would be, my photos would not do as much justice a yours do to their fairy-like beauty.

  5. Love that photo with the sun peeking through the Saguaro. The Sonoran Desert Museum is one of our favorites. I look forward to your photos :-)

  6. I imagine I’d want to stop too. Sometimes on our morning walk we catch the sun rising. My little point and shoot doesn’t do it justice.

  7. Isn’t it great when timing is serendipitously just perfect? I love the saguaro’s too. I was so happy to see catch the end of the blooming last spring. Getting to the National Park while the saguaro is flowering is in my bucket list. I particularly want to see the bats enjoy the nectar!

  8. That setting sun is amazing, you got just the right angle. Love the Fairy Dusters, and what a perfect name! I didn’t know Saguaros leave “bones” behind, that gives them even more human qualities. ;)

  9. I love that image of the sunset through the saguaro’s ‘arms.’ :) Very beautiful!
    Has been far too long since hubby and I drove through Saguaro National Park. I very much enjoyed your images.

  10. I have seen your entries before and I am going to attempt to leave a comment. I do not like Google+ but I see that your blog comes up often in top right hand corner of my home page there, and I know not how it works. Your blog is lovely and the art work is wonderful as well. Just thought I would try and say this~

  11. The lighting in these photos is gorgeous! You’re so right about assigning the saguaros human qualities – I’d never actually given much thought to it, but I do subconsciously make the comparison.

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