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  1. Oh Mary, YES!!!!!!!!!!

    YOU DID IT!!!! Well, you’ve been ready for years in my opinion, since your photography is very seasoned and you have a vast collection of winning photos.

    I’ve been encouraged to sell my photos but NO WAY am I even ready. Your horse photos steal my heart. Congratulations!!!

  2. And wouldn’t you say that horses have a look in photos as if they know they are posing???? teeheee

    • Anita, thanks for the kind words. You are my greatest cheerleader! And yes, horses do look like they are posing. Just wait….we visited the wild horses the other day and I got some amazing photos.

  3. Your photos are just stunning. Mom is inspired to travel and take photos one of these days. Congratulations to you!

    • Thank you. I recommend traveling and photography, but you guys do that. Even local traveling counts. And I want to thank you for stumbling my posts, I really appreciate it.

  4. That IS very exciting news, Mary! I don’t know how you narrowed down all your gorgeous photos to just a few, but you picked beauties. I love them all, but I’ve always thought that bird photo should be in catalogs and stores everywhere.

  5. Way to go!!! They also do photos on acrylic which has turned out to be my favorite. I have sold some photos from there. I love your choices!

  6. Woo Hoo! Well done Mary — it is always surprising to me how long I can stall on doing the things I know will benefit my art. Thanks for the inspiration — and I do hope you sell lots. I am off to look for a cell phone case — challenges is these days when I buy from US sites is a) the exchange rate; and b) the postage costs. I’ll check it out.

    Well done — and the photos are awesome.

  7. Great, Mary. I’ve been with FAA for awhile and enjoy it. Feedback is not as good as wordpress but occasionally someone will comment! Hope you enjoy and sell a lot!

  8. It is so exciting to see your business growing, and your talents being shared in more places! It looks great…I love the swallow on the cell phone case. I might have to order myself an early Christmas present. :)

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