Fall Colors in Wyoming — 20 Comments

  1. Beautiful. We love the fresh cool air, having the windows open and the fall colors. The steam coming up from the water in the morning is also very pretty. Enjoy!

  2. Absolutely breathtaking photos, Mary. I look forward to fall all year, and it always passes too quickly. For me, it has the best crisp air, the most beautiful colors (I live in the northeast and I can vouch for the incredible fall beauty we have here!) that surround us and tower over us every day. It’s too short a season, I’d like to get another month or so of fall at least. But maybe its fleeting time is part of what makes it so very special and so highly anticipated.

    • It is too short, that’s for sure. It feels like a rush to capture, and savor it. Someday I’ll get to see fall in the east, I would like that I’m sure.

  3. Hello, one of my favorite places. I love the Tetons. The barn shot is beautiful and the fall colors are lovely. Awesome photos! Have a happy day!

  4. your land is so beautiful… I sometimes think there is no word for all this colors, the wildlife and the traces of the first settlers what you can find everywhere… I hope this barns will be there for many many years more and all this beautiful things around them too …

    • It is a beautiful place, that’s for sure. Both these historic barns are within the national park, so they make sure they won’t fall down. In fact, last year they both got new roofs to protect them.

  5. Good afternoon, Mary! The colors are stunning. We are enjoying reds here then the orange will come. How I love this time of year!

  6. Perfection! I wish I could beam myself right there. Colors are great here too, but the wind today will blow them away.

  7. Gorgeous! The Tetons are spectacular, especially through your lens. I love the reflection photos the best of all!

    I love fall except for the fact that it marks the end of summer.

  8. such gorgeous images, one and all!
    Looks like you are having a gorgeous autumn there. We are in a gray rainy phase now.

  9. Fall is my favorite season. We are in the middle of peak foliage right now, and yes, the colors are the best here in the east! :) Gosh, it’s gorgeous where you are too. There is nothing like fall colors against a deep blue autumn sky.

  10. Fall is my most favorite season of all! I also love Wyoming! The colors out there are so vibrant…the sky…amazing! These photos are just stunning! I love each and every single one…but my favorite is the bright RED Aspen…I have never seen red Aspen before. Hope all’s well Mary! Enjoy your time in the beautiful state of Wyoming!!

  11. I’m slowly getting caught up on my favorite blogs…have had a busy three months between hubby’s fall in mid-July and my vet assistant course. (The shoulder is healing nicely and I finally completed my most recent test.)

    Your photos are absolutely gorgeous, Mary!! I love Fall, too, except for the bugs. I wish they’d go back underground already! I’m glad the National Parks system is maintaining those beautiful old barns!!

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