Fall, wonderful Fall — 25 Comments

  1. Cute doggies and a lovely Autumn colors.. The trees and views are beautiful. Enjoy your day!

  2. I just LOVE the beauty of the west in the Fall Mary! Yes, I have noticed how incredibly BLUE the sky is! Stunning! I am so very sorry to hear of a loss in your family.

  3. Haven’t walked my doggies in a couple days. I had gourds delivered from a gourd farm in Az. just the right size for my next project. Holy cow i grew a major crop of big bottle bushel gourds this year. One yer Al’s Dad grew some nice big gourds for me. Well today is the special day wev’e been waiting for. Pick me up some leaves for art while your up there please.

  4. Oh yes Fall is the best! We had some cool nights over the weekend so the trees burst into color. Not for long now the rain has been here and everything is falling to the ground. Loved your pictures! Love Dolly

  5. Love the colored leaves on the grass photo. We want to take something similar, but those colored leaves are still on our trees mostly.

  6. Lots of beautiful colors! I’m still waiting on fall here in Texas. It’s a little cooler out, but the trees are not looking much different.

  7. Fall is my absolutely favorite season, and October is my absolute favorite month, so I’m really appreciating your pictures. Colors are getting pretty vibrant here too, and I find myself driving down country roads, taking the long route to wherever I’m going, just to be completely surrounded by fall colors. Love that photo of Roxy!

  8. Such beautiful shots! I ADORE fall. It’s my favorite time of year… the crisp air, the crunch of leaves underfoot, the smell of firewood, and those brilliant colors. Swoon.

  9. I’m glad your making the best of it. Actually, I love all the reds in Utah, and those photos of the dogs are beautiful.

  10. Autumn is my favorite season. I think it is my dogs’ too (except for a Keeshond who adored snow and winter). It is so beautiful and there is often a good breeze which I think brings more interesting things to sniff for my dogs. It looks like you had a gorgeous day!

  11. I love the fall! Unfortunately fall is always delayed here in San Diego. It’s finally supposed to start gettnig a little cooler here – and I can’t wait! (And by cooler, I mean it will finally get down to like 68!) Beautiful pics!

  12. Fall is my favorite season. Right now we are in full fall finery, the colors are absolutely vibrant. I was just thinking on our morning walk how I hadn’t snapped any photos yet this season, so I snapped a couple. But soon the fall rains and wind will come and blow all the beautiful colors down. I will enjoy it as much as I can!

  13. Yes, fall is absolutely my favorite time of year. You just can’t beat the colors and the freshness of the clean, crisp air.

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