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In my favorite chair — 24 Comments

  1. Any more chairs left? Thought we’ll come to tea :P

    When we visited, it was starting to be off peak season for tourists, late autumn and getting colder, all the plants are dying. So I imagine they get less biscuits and grass to graze. During closing time the park rangers walk about and the deer start trailing after him, because he had buckets of grain for them. So I guess they may gain a little and lose a little depending on the season?

  2. Lucky, lucky dog. I dream of a day when every dog will have a warm spot to lie in, and a human that loves him or her enough to take way too many photos (and thus make choosing for B&W Sunday so difficult). Lovely shot, lovely dog. Thanks for sharing, and for stopping over on my blog earlier :)
    Guilie @ Life In Dogs

  3. Must be that kind of day. Everyone is sleeping here too. But, of course, we’ve also been outside more in the past 3 days than half the winter. So nice to get out and enjoy the sun and warmth.
    Have a good nap Torrey. I have no doubt you’ll keep mom busy later. :)

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