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  1. Oh crickey you have gone to town there, I cannot work out even if this is soft or hard lol. What a fantastic entry it could be so many things now this post will send me slowly crazy haha. Hrrrm I supose I should try and guess…goes back to look at it xx Ps thank you soooo much for entering, really appreciate it x

  2. OK I am slightly cheating perhaps an dlooking at the photographs above, it looks similar to the rocks? Or is that just too easy a guess? lol…ps please pop by to put your URL in to the Inlinkz on my original post, this way others get to see your entry on the page also, more views and more banter ;-) xx Give me a shout if you cant find the link xx

  3. There is something so soothing about seeing this, isn’t there?

    Growing up on the California coast, I would see the sunset over the ocean. Then when we moved to the north shore of Boston, I will never forget the frosty morning we went out on the beach to a gazebo at one of the parks. We waited for the sun to RISE over the ocean and the rush of feeling so part of this earth opened my eyes. A new beginning, a new day, from a different perspective on the map.

    Have a lovely day, Mary! Anita

    • I lived in California and loved the ocean sunsets. I can only imagine seeing it rise over the ocean. What a different perspective that would be.

  4. What gorgeous sunset photos!! I have not been to Vegas for several years now…I feel an urge to go now! I agree with Al though…I would NOT want to drive through there…especially with the RV!!

  5. it looks like magic… and once I hope I can see your wonderful country with my own eyes . But it’s great to see it through your camera too :o)

  6. These are such gorgeous photos! I can understand why you can’t pick a favorite place, each has its own beauty and specialness to offer. These pictures illustrate where the “purple mountains majesty” reference comes from in “America the Beautiful”!

  7. this might be tree bark close up. :-) enjoy traveling along with you even if I am over a thousand miles away…

  8. So beautiful! It is so brown everywhere there its nice that the sky can give you some color! We are wondering if Lake Meade is any higher after all the storms they had this summer. Love Dolly

  9. It looks as though you photographed a desert crystal. I, too, love seeing the desert landscapes, though I live in the mountains.

  10. Beautiful sunset! Those canyon photos bring back the nightmarish drive to BlogPaws, though. We have no desire to drive through there again! Stay safe.

  11. I just love the photos Mary, I wish I had the eye (and scenery) that you do.

    As for the wrinkles, I think it’s some kind of desert rock.

  12. What a gorgeous place and a beautiful sunset!
    That looks like some kind of rock? You probably needed something more specific than that though. :)

  13. Both you and I got spectacular sunsets last night! Whew, yours was gorgeous! I feel the same as you. I love both the alpine and the desert. So different but both so beautiful.

  14. I love the way you captured the changing sunsets. Just beautiful.

    The other images looks to me like a crust of salt. I can’t wait to read what it is.

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