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  1. Torrey is such a great smart beautiful Doggie gal. I throw anything and my dogs just go, “where did it go?”, ” What was that”? Yesterday I brought the dog kids inside and told them we were gonna go on walk about and they raced to the back door and would race back to me repeatly, jumping and so excited. WE went for a nice walk up the hill with no mesquitos! Yeah!!!I had to let out their harness a bit. Have fun at Bridger. Sad we aren’t there but now we are free to move on from now on. Yippee!

  2. Definitely rent her out if she’d enjoy it, being an Aussie I bet she would. She’s got a great talent there it should be shared around. :)

  3. How great that she caught on so quickly, and then remembered it as well after two months! I think you could make a little extra income there…I’m always telling my dogs they need to get a job! LOL

  4. I bet Torrey loves having a fun job like that!!!! We ran into non-primitive hunting archers yesterday, and they were NOT nice. I guess that they were mad that we were scaring away the deer as I rode and Shyla ran on a trail… I have to admit that I don’t like the hunting seasons.

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