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Fit Dog Friday — 29 Comments

  1. thank goodness we are supposed to get relief from the heat later today but severe storms will accompany the change. We are going to be in the mid 90s again with intense humidity. Hoping our power stays on or Mom is screwed! BOL! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  2. We play a lot of indoor fetch when it gets like this. It isn’t enough to stay truly fit, but it does take the edge off. Fortunately this afternoon we have an indoor agility lesson. That will tire Jimmy out a good bit.

    I just go to the gym so I’m ok, but I do miss the long walks.

  3. The weather is unbearable – 90’s and dew points in the 70’s! We are early risers but it doesn’t help much when it is 80 at 6am!They say tomorrow will finally be better. We are thankful for a/c!

  4. Glad you got to go out in the coolness of the evening. I would like to walk on the beach and let the water splash on me. I heard that walking in the sand is very good for you. Torrey and Roxy it was great seeing you yesterday.

  5. Hey Roxy & Torrey – thanks for joining the Hop. Everyone is having so many issue with the heat and trying to get their exercise in! We think you should all move to California with us! Beautiful canyon shots too.

  6. It’s just tough to be active when it’s hot huh? All we want to do is nap in the cool air conditioning! But, it looks like you’ve got a great place to walk and can get your paws wet, I bet that did feel good!

  7. The heat really is bad everywhere this summer and down here the humidity makes it miserable…evern at 6 am the humidity is awful so we’ve been doing shorter walks, but trying to get in more of them to balance…Wish we had that cool river here…Love the “moonrise” shot

  8. I think you are going to inspire us to go out and get some exercise in the mountains! The Sierra Nevada’s are at our back door, we just have to go high enough to get out of the heat :) Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Glad your staying cool and fit. I feel like we have been SO lazy around here on these hot days but we have seen an awful lot of the moon too so I guess we’ve also been out late… or the moon has been out early. Either way, it’s cooler!

  10. You are so right, Roxy, the heat makes it so challenging to get our exercise in. It looks like you are making the best of it though. It does help to have some nice cool water to walk to also. We can do early morning, but it’s even been too hot (humid) then, for my senior dog anyway. Here in New England we’re supposed to finally get a break after tomorrow!

  11. Our main challenge is rain in the winter. However, it has been in the 80s here a lot this year (which is hot for us). It has been nice to escape to cool areas like the local lake park (with shade trees) and hikes along rivers like you did.

  12. We’re in total agreement with you on this…early morning or evening walks only. It’s been in the 90’s here and feels like the 100’s. Yuck.

  13. Hi Roxy, I is so happy you stopped by my dogblog for a visiting! Good job on the hikings, you sure knows how to stay fit.


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