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FitDog Friday blog hop — 49 Comments

  1. Great blog hop idea! We are fitness buffs like you guys, so we may have to join in the blog hop in the future! Happy hiking :)

  2. You guys are looking sharp out there with your pretty pink harnesses!
    We do lots of walks too! But now that we belong to a dog park we get even more exercise, Henri and I love to chase each other!

      • Yup! Mommy takes us there lots! It’s fun but we had a scary thing happen there, I wrote about other scary stuffs today and will post about what happened at the park another time? Lets just say, Henri was my knight in shining armor!

  3. Roxy & Torrey, thanks for joining our blog hop! Looks like a great place for a hike. That’s one of our favorite things to do too. Mom takes us everyday. Sometimes we hike, sometimes we run! Either way it’s good exercise. Keep up the good work.

  4. Woof! Woof! You guys always go to great places for walks and especially hikes. I do miss my HI hikes. LOVE that you guys have a very bright colorful harness. Happy Fit Dog Friday. Lots of Golden woofs, Sugar

  5. Hikes are such a great way for both human and dog to stay fit. I promised Beamer I would find us some nice hiking trails this summer. Happy Friday!

  6. The best thing about your walks is that it looks like you get a lot of great sites and smells! You are beautiful and fit dogs! Thanks for joining our FitDog Friday!

  7. You can go singing in the rain today or go for a wind walk. Take your pick its a nasty day out there today! Just a heads up! Poor “Reggie and Ollie” go to the vets for check up and shots this coming Monday morning. You know how Reggie “hurls ” in the car! I am so not looking forward to this adventure.

  8. A nice long walk is a great way to stay fit without stressing anyone’s joints too much. We try for at least 2 miles every morning…..

  9. You two are in such good shape from all your adventures…I love the idea of a 30 mile trail along the rive…You can break that down and visit different sections…and it’s all going to be so lovely and green now that spring is here

  10. That looks like a fun place to go. My Maya would especially love a hiking trail that has a body of water nearby. Do you two do any swimming?

  11. We love to see other dogs getting out and hiking too! We have a river in our city too, with a bunch of wonderful trails that run along it. It’s an awesome place to hike! Looks like your river is too!

    your pal,

  12. What fabulous photos! I’m sooo jealous of all the cool places you are able to walk! I don’t have much that exciting and nearby but we are sure trying to find them! All you guys have really inspired me and we’ve walked 2 days in a row! Whoo Hoo!

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