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  1. Good morning Mary! The sunrise is my favorite part of the day, then the sunset. A new start and the the settling of another day both give me hope that the cycle of living is a chance to make things right and start over. Glorious photos, and your model is a handsome man!!!!!!!

  2. It’s so wonderful to hear someone who’s so happy and at peace with their life. I can feel it flowing through you, like an ever-present balm of serenity. I love the photos, and the portraits of Al are wonderful. You’re very good at portraits (you take beautiful portraits of your pups) and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a handsome subject!

  3. You have to be optimistic to have any drive and desire in life, and on those days where optimism is low, hang out with the dogs for a bit, they will always be positive and have lots of optimism.

  4. You are lucky that Al agreed to it. The Runner absolutely never allows me to post his photo ;)

    You and I are very similar. Sunrise feels like a new chance at life to me too, especially when it’s as beautiful as in your photos!

  5. All gorgeous shots! Love the lighting in the portraits of Al. The hubs and I are not morning people but the other day he had to get up extra early for a meeting. The sky was all pink and pretty. We normally don’t see that stuff! :) I guess there are some good things about getting up early.

  6. There is something about the beauty of nature that just fills us with hope and optimism, isn’t there?
    Al makes a great model – did he miss his calling? :)

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