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Fresh grass and fresh kittens — 49 Comments

  1. Awww – so sweet! My mom thinks that one of the cats that lives around her house had babies. She wants to bring them over here, so maybe I’ll get to see them. Not sure what I’m going to do with baby kittens though!

  2. Oh, those kittens are so sweet and mom cat looks so proud. I hope they all have a good life. I have heard farm life is hard and dangerous but hopefully they will survive.

  3. After last week I bet you’re really happy to see some Springtime Roxy…I love to eat the fresh young grass shoots too…Maybe your momz will bring home one of those tiny kittens for you and Torrey?

  4. Happy Monday Roxy, glad spring is finally coming your way. I love to eat grass too and the fresh spring shoots are the best!

  5. Bell’s kittens are doing well so far. A big abscess broke on the back of her tale and the hair fell out. I treated it yesterday as she was eating. I think a Tom cat bit her. The road we live on its scary for all animals. A few times I have traveled several miles with a cat riding somewhere under the hood of my truck. The daddy cat has taken off! He will be back again I’m sure of it when the kittens are all raised. Yesterday I brushed out my horse sugar’s mane (she gets dread locks) I had to cut some mane off so I threw it down in the pasture so birds can make a nest with the hair. Never a dull moment here on the funny farm.

  6. Cali has been eating a lot of “salad”! Sometimes it’s hard to get her walking again! Those kittens are adorable – what a sweet mommy!

  7. Finally!! Happy Spring Roxy!

    I can’t believe you eat grass. Doesn’t that give you upset belly? It does for me. Oooh, and those kittens are just precious. I hope they grow up big and strong!

    *Cairn cuddles*

  8. You found Spring! Lucky you!!! I hope you’ve been busy spreading it around, Roxy! And we’ll keep fingers and paws crossed for those sweet little kittens!

  9. i am crossing my paws that those sweet kitties will grow healthy & strong. hope you will keep us posted on those cuties.
    wags, bailey

  10. Those kittens are super cute, shame you couldn’t go too! :)

    Burrs – uh oh!! My Mum got anxious just reading that! She hates it when I go near any, and I hate it if she misses any in my paws, I’m pretty good at getting them out though! :)

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  11. Me is so glad yous has finded Spring! Sometimes it can be furry elusive. And those is beauteous baby kittens.

  12. Thosekittens are sooooo cute, very pretty markings. I have no idea why she left you at home Roxy, me thinks its because you are a little trouble maker sometimes like Kirby would be :)

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