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  1. Hello Mary! Wonderful creating going on here! I did a few attempts on Sunday with great results in natural lighting, but for me, spring and summer will bring more opportunities for really experimenting. The cold and snow and work just impede my possibilities!

  2. Never knew you could find presets online. We will have to check that out. Those old steamer trunks are really neat.

  3. I like the edit result. Great photo, Mary!
    I’m in awe with the Bokeh and Shadow of depth. Thank you so much for showing us the difference.

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  5. I enjoy reading your blog a lot, and have learned so much from you. Thank you.

    Finally, I can say I totally understand what bokeh is and how to create it now ;-) Thank you.

    I hope you don’t mind that I copied down all of your LR tip to a file called “Mary Lighroom Tips” on my PC so I can read it over and over until I am comfortable with the steps. LR is a challenging for me ;-(

    Have a great day.

  6. For the longest time, I didn’t really understand the difference between bokeh and shallow depth of field, but you explained it perfectly!

  7. Thanks for the tutorial on how to import presets! I’m trying that right away!

    I love your “forsaken” photo because it’s real. I found the many staged photos for this prompt to be a bit over the top. I did love all the ones of rusty old things or shipwrecks to be great.

    • Oh good, I hope you find some great presets to import. Thanks for the compliment on the forsaken. I agree, some were a bit over the top, I was just keeping an eye out, and this scene was perfect.

  8. I have missed a few weeks, but hopefully back on track now. My little MaltiPoo, Oreo, had to spend a night in the hospital and then we spent weeks trying to get his kidneys to behave, but alas they are not going to do so. We are on a day to day, quality of life watch now. It’s a tough road. Hard to swallow that truth, but this is the journey of life and I’m very grateful for every minute I have and have had with him. Lots of adventure in the little, bitty package.
    For this week’s challenge I didn’t have as much success catching Bokeh as you, Mary, but I was tickled with the twinkle off in the distance in this shot. I wasn’t shooting with this challenge in mind when I took this photo, but that’s learning for you!

    • Oh Lauri, I am so sorry!! It’s so hard to watch our pets get old, and sick. I was worried something was wrong when I hadn’t seen you around here. Hold him tight!

      And your photo has great bokeh in those trees on the left hand side. You did perfect!

  9. This week my creation was chaos. LOL that’s life right about now.

    I love the photos of the old trunks, and I like the filter you used. I think it was a wise choice!

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