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  1. Photography is a skill that never ends there is always something to learn either with the camera or editing. If you enjoy it, it is a fun never ending hobby.

  2. That Scott Kelby article is great! Unfortunately, I’m still at Stage 1, BUT I had already figured out where I needed to start and that agrees with his “level up” for that. Now I just need to find more time to work on it all! I love selective color photos, and now I understand better how to make them, other than using PicMonkey!

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  4. I’ve been so busy with family stuff since right after New Year’s that the only photos I’ve had time to take are on my iPhone. I was going to install PicMonkey; but I just haven’t had the chance.

    Back to your photos, though: I love the way the gray background seems to intensify the colors of the flowers and the colors you kept in the photo of your niece. That’s pretty cool “stuff”! I play with the limited editing capabilities built into my phone – and they come out fairly decent most times – but there’s no comparison to what you can do with a program like Lightroom.

  5. Wow, I didn’t know that technique for selective color. It’s so much easier than what I’ve done in the past. Thank you, Mary (I think that I say that every week). Your tamarisk looks spectacular. It was the perfect subject for this one.

    Is that last image a can of motor oil? It looks very cool!

    Thanks for the links. I’ll follow them. My keeping up with Dogwood has fallen apart recently. My dad is needing a lot more help, and that makes me feel frantic all the time! I do plan to keep playing along even if I miss one now and then because it’s helping my photography. And your “Clicking to Creating” posts are also helping me tons! Thanks for doing them.

    • I’m so glad you are finding value in the posts, and learning a thing or two. I’m sorry about your dad, hopefully he will get stronger fast. And yes, that second photo is an oil container. Way bigger than a can though. They were pretty cool, and about 18 inches tall.

  6. I had lots of ideas, but nothing was turning out the way I wanted so I wondered if I would have a submission for this week. Then yesterday, out of the blue, a flock of wild turkeys pays us a visit. I was so stunned my husband had to tell me to grab my camera. All I could think to do was say “Turkey”, over and over. Haha. Most of the photos didn’t turn out, but a few are worth sharing. I liked this one for fill the frame although it doesn’t truly fill the complete frame it is as close as my current equipment would allow. There’s no sneaking up on a fellow keeping as close an eye on you as this guy! Who is looking at whom?
    P.S. Those burro photos are just wonderful. I hope I get an opportunity to see that one day!

    • My husband has done the same thing with me a time or two. The turkey is great, and I would say it fills the frame because you have it, and a really nice background. And yes, there is no sneaking up on those guys. I’ve tried. Lol

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