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  1. The spider shot is awesome, Mary! I have a 60mm macro lens, but I haven’t been able to utilize it.
    Great tip, Thank you!

  2. I bought a cheap set of macro lens things on Amazon a few years ago. They are fun to play with sometimes.

  3. I do have a macro lens, but the rest of the gear I just don’t have! There is so much to experiment with and I can’t wait to get out there again once the good weather comes. What you are sharing here Mary is gorgeous!

  4. I love the spider shot! Spiders are so cool, and your photo made the spider look kind of mysterious. Thanks for the tutorial on vingette. I’ll try it when I get home again and have a computer!

    I thought you knew that I would absolutely love that your response to the prompt of fences was a gorgeous photo of an area with no fences! I love it.

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  6. Don’t fence me in…I love your take on that! Personally, I don’t feel the need to get any closer to that spider. LOL

  7. I was about to say something about the “don’t fence me in” part but then I saw my friend Jan’s comment. Oh well, great minds think alike. ? That spider is kinda cool, but I certainly don’t want to get any closer to him either…he might grab me and pull me into his web.

  8. It took awhile to come up with an idea for the Fences challenge and I have many to choose from, unlike your dilemma! I finally remembered a neighbor has this wonderful old gate and two fence sections in their backyard. They graciously allowed me to use it for my prop this week.
    I think the spider is beautiful! And that scene without fences, wonderful. So much better without fences! :-)

  9. I created chaos, but I’m not sure that’s what you’re talking about!

    I’m not a spider fan, but the picture is pretty cool, and I love how you played with it.

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