From Clicking to Creating — 6 Comments

  1. That cremello, OH that is my dream horse….well, it’s hard to have just ONE dream horse, but this guy is darling! And of course Miss Torrey is a heart-stealer! Great composition as always, Mary, and the Lightroom tips, I’m heading over on that link right now. I’ve had some great luck with my Lightroom, and I have not yet had any major issues with it crashing, but it does take longer to load up than I’d like. Maybe the link will explain.

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  3. Your wild horse photos exude movement and energy. You did a fabulous job of giving those horses space to run and for our minds to let them run!

    Torrey with your hiking shoes is perfect for a daily habit. She is so photogenic!

    I’m trying to figure out how and when to make the computer leap to a newer one so that I can use the latest versions of everything! I used to have a new computer supplied by my job every few years. No more of that so it is a big leap (and then I’ll move onto the new LR!).

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