From Clicking to Creating — 7 Comments

  1. I love the rose in front of the brick wall. I like that contrast idea. I’ll keep an eye out for contrasts like that when I have my camera handy. And the damsel fly is beautiful!!!

  2. Great photos! That fly photo is amazing, and I love what you came up with for the contrasts. That’s an interesting concept to capture.

  3. I love the contrast photo – the rose in front of the brick wall. I usually love brick walls, but this one lacks the character that I’ve seen in most others. Perhaps because of the way in which it was laid. Anyway, the damsel fly is beautiful! She was so calm! And that iris? Well, rather than ugly I prefer “elderly.” She looks shriveled-up, dehydrated, and in need of some love. Or perhaps just ready to die, to be born again at some later date.

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