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  1. Pretty nice having the sheep as neighbors instead of the people. We used to walk among the sheep all the time in Germany. Some are fearful, some not.

  2. Hello, I would love to spend time with the sheep and sheep dog. Maybe even more than spending time with people. Love the sheep and photos. Your dogs are sweet furbabies.
    Have a happy day!

  3. Love the photo of you with the two dogs and all the sheep … absolutely tells a story. I enjoy ‘trying’ to take starburst images, but as much as I try, my images are merely okay. I think my camera may be limiting in its ability cause it couldn’t possibly be user error ?

      • I play around a lot with sunburst but think the bridge camera is limiting and can’t quite capture the star like lines like a DSLR can, but I’ll keep trying ?

  4. As always, I love all your photos. The one of the sunburst is AWESOME!

    Back in early May (or, was it late April?) when I was still at my brother’s home helping him, we went out to eat at one of his favorite restaurants. Later that evening I downloaded Lightroom CC to my phone and played around with a couple of pix I had taken while at the restaurant. One of these days, I’ll email you copies of them; but right now I’m still working on getting our lives back in order here at home.

  5. Just the sheepdog? No herder person around? Is this area considered to be Basque?
    Just wondering because Basque restaurants are fun!

  6. Oh, I LOVE the shot you chose! It illustrates exactly what your life is all about, and I could be so happy sitting exactly where you are in that shot. The expressions on both dogs’ faces are perfect. That is so much better than having all those people around you!

  7. You with your pups and the sheep… priceless!!

    That starburst was perfect ! I’ve never tried… I will be trying soon.

    Hope the sheep come by again!

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  9. I have been out of touch lately, a death in the family has thrown me for a loop. I’ve been challenged to enjoy my photography although when I do pull the camera out and focus for a bit it helps so I know I need to do it more. I should have edited this one more, but that has even less pull for me at the moment. I am so glad little Oreo is doing well right now. He loves his road trips as this photo shows!
    I wrote the following to go along with the photo — Little Oreo is having a good day today! Getting to take a ride in the truck and stick your head out the window is a treat! I had to focus my camera and then tuck it under my chin, using my left hand to trigger the shutter while I held Oreo in my right arm, all the while trying to tuck my arm, shoulder and camera reflections out of the line of sight of the lens. Too bad I can’t get the hubby to wash the mirrors on the truck! Haha.

  10. I love how you feed the dog. I had a co-worker and her property abutted the local hunt club, in Florida. These people were real jerks and wouldn’t feed the dogs for a bit before the hunt. My co-worker would always go to the fence and dump a bag of kibble over it.

    Poor dog, he was probably starving for attention.

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