From Clicking to Creating — 8 Comments

  1. They were all great. I have been in several creek areas recently and can’t get a good picture that really captures the amount of water flowing over the rocks. Have you addressed how to take pictures like that?

  2. OMG, those ducklings are just too cute!! And the smiling bear is hysterical! My favorite photo for this week would have to be one I took of Shadow on Saturday. I’ll email it to you. I didn’t do anything with it other than crop some of the foreground out of it. But my timing was perfect for “Tongue Out Tuesday”.

  3. I created a poem and I did channel you on the weekend while visiting friends who live on a ranch east of the city. I took photos of their horses, and thought of you and your wild horses.

    These are such beautiful photos! Love the little duckling.

  4. Love, love, love the duckling coming straight at us. I also love the raven… well done!

  5. I love what you chose! The ducklings are so adorable. I love the Raven portrait photo of those two best – he looks so regal!

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