From Clicking to Creating — 7 Comments

  1. If only that work thing wasn’t hanging around all the time, Mom would love to be out taking photos all day. I know everyone always sees greener grass on the other side of things, but your photography life, out in nature seems so wonderful.

  2. I wonder what Mr. Moose saw? As for the chipmunk? I’m in love! He’s so darn cute!! I’ve loved chipmunks since the days of Alvin, Theodore, Simon, and their human, Dave…let’s see, early 50s?

    I got a cute photo of Ducky the other morning, sitting next to the birdbath. I had to do some major cropping, so it’s a bit blurry. I’ll email or pm it to you.

  3. The moose shot is amazing…it really makes you wonder what he is looking at! We are overloaded with chipmunks here this year, and they are enjoying when we have feed out for our birds. I feel like they’re part of the farm since we’re feeding them too! They also keep Luke entertained out on the patio. They’re just so cute and that’s such a great shot of that one up in the bush.

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