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  1. Still need to make that leap to raw and lightroom. It’s a scary step to go from what I’m comfortable with and know how much time it takes to go to something new, even though I know it is a step I need to take.

    • I totally get that. Lightroom is pretty easy and intuitive to learn though. Next week I’m going to talk about how great it is for organizing, and finding your images. And RAW, makes such the difference.

  2. So excited by this feature. I’ve wanted to improve the photos on my blog for a long time. They are definitely better than when I started, mostly by investing in a better camera. Now I’m trying to pay more attention when composing a shot.

    But when I really want a good picture, I’m more likely to hand my husband the camera. BTW, I’ll be forwarding these posts to him to follow along too.

    • I hope you guys can get get some good info from these posts. I can see that your photos have been much better this past year or so, a good camera can make a difference.

  3. So, I was trying to practice my depth of field photography class assignment while also shooting pictures with “Small” in mind. And I had a photo Bomb! Ya’ll be the judge of how successful I was with my assignment. :-) Thank you again Mary for everything. RVing topics, beautiful pups, stunning wildlife photography, sponsoring from Clicking to Creating, I’m loving it all.

    • That is hilarious! You must have been between laughing, or yelling at the cat. And thanks so much, I’m so glad you are liking it here. And I would say you nailed Small, and depth of field. With a little help.

  4. You did great with the color challenge. I’m struggling with the lack of color in the outdoors right now. My colors are going to be golden and blue too – A dried flower against the blue sky but I haven’t gotten it just right yet.

    I love sweet Roxy. She’s perfect for the “Small” prompt.

    You explain LightRoom stuff a million times more clearly than others. I linked to your post in my Wednesday post. Please keep giving us hints :)

    • Thanks for the link! The colors here aren’t super either, but these sand dunes are a nice 2 mile walk from the RV and perfect. I’m hoping I don’t run out of hints, Lol.

  5. I love that close-up of Roxy! She is such a cutie-pie! Ducky is small compared to Shadow; but at 25 lbs., she doesn’t really qualify. Maybe I’ll use my stuffed Golden puppy I bought while I was waiting for Callie to be born.

    Is Lightroom a free, downloadable app or do I need to purchase it? Just curious.

    • I would love to see the stuffed golden puppy, that would certainly be small. Lightroom isn’t free, sadly. I pay about $10 a month to have lightroom and photoshop both. It’s worth every penny for me.

  6. Such a beautiful landscape. Striking.
    The portrait of your dog is sweet.
    Thanks for sharing about LR. Makes me realize that I use very little of what it is capable of.

  7. Dear Mary, good morning! I am going to have to come back and “study” the instructions here for Lightroom; I’ve been using it now for about two months and I’ve come to really love it. So far, I’ve been getting good results but I want to make sure I understand what you are saying here about the preset. Back later this evening!

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  9. Good advises, Mary. Of course, when you let Lightroom choose the profile from the camera standard, it is important to sett you camera’s profile first. With most cameras you can choose between Adobe RGB or sRGB. Anyway, lovely photos. I particularly enjoyed the first one, for its simplicity, the lovely composition and the use of only two colours.

  10. I think it’s probably natural as a photographer to wish you were there to take every photo. But sharing that special moment in time, that you were the only one there to see (most of the time) is really what it’s all about, isn’t it?

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