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  1. Hey, you are having fun, enjoying what you do, forget about missing a post or two. Getting the most out of life is most important. The horsing around photos are great as always.

  2. The back lit sunset image is remarkable! I agree with Emma that getting the most out of life is most important. :)

  3. We’re so busy and behind on everything, we didn’t even notice you slacked off! :) Sometimes we just have to live life, and the blog suffers. I missed a post last week too, but all we can do is the best we can. I especially love the back lit photo!

  4. Funny that the challenge was to base your image on a song. Because the instant I saw your picture, that very song went through my head.

    On our travels this year, we heard a radio call from a sailboat called Wild Horses. They tried to travel a very shallow trouble spot at low tide and grounded hard. They had to wait several hours to get off. We ended up traveling near them for months although we never met (I finally stalked them to Facebook).

    But every time I saw them at a marina or anchorage, I sang in my best Mick Jagger impression, “Wild horses, couldn’t stop going aground.”

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